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About Foxborough, MA

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The area now known as Foxborough was inhabited by native americans before the colonists arrived as early as 1704. In 1778, the town was incorporated and named for the Honorable Charles James Fox.

Often referred to as “The Gem Of Norfolk County”, Foxborough is located midway between Boston, MA, and Providence, RI. Our suburban town lies 18 miles northeast of Providence, and 22 miles southwest of Boston, at the intersection of Routes 495 and 95. Running north-south through the central downtown area is Route 140. Route 1 closely edges the town's western boundary.

By 1853, the town was known worldwide as the “Straw Hat Capital of the World” as The Union Straw Works was operating the world's largest straw hat factory in Foxborough. Van Choate Electric Company set up shop here and next came the Industrial Instrument Company in 1908, changing it's name to “Foxboro Company” on January 1, 1914. After buying companies around the globe, by the mid-1950s Foxborough being home to the Foxboro Company was known around the globe. In September 1947 the “Bay State Raceway” opened and was later renamed to “New England Harness Raceway” then “Foxboro Raceway”.

Since 1971, Foxborough has been home to the New England Patriots. From 1978-1980, the New England Tea Men also called Shaeffer Stadium home. The stadium has been known by many names, including Shaefer Stadium, Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro Stadium, CMGI Field, and, currently, Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots and The New England Revolution call Gillette and Foxborough home. Host to numerous sporting events, concerts, trade shows, fairs, and other big attractions throughout the year, Gillette Stadium is located in the Route 1 Business District. In addition to the recent strong winning tradition of the local major league teams, the public school teams, known as the Foxborough Warriors, have achieved strong scholastic and sporting accomplishments.

Foxborough has a total population of 16,865 (as of 2010), 1,700 acres of conservation land, at least twenty water bodies, a reservoir, a swimming pond, a State Forest, a Town Forest, and a plethora of other recreation facilities. The town is currently experiencing a growth spurt - from the redevelopment of the former Foxborough State Hospital (a.k.a. Massachusetts Hospital for Dipsomaniacs & Inebriates) to a mixed use mini-town, to the Chapter 40B project known as The Lodge at Foxborough, to Patriot Place.

Foxborough has a town manager, five selectmen, and a town meeting form of government - which, in addition to many other facets of "The Gem Of Norfolk County", all contribute to helping maintain our small town community feel.

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